Dr. DellaRusso and the "Bladeless Eye Surgery"
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Dr. DellaRusso And "Bladeless Eye Surgery"

Obviously it's exciting to live in a time where, for the first time ever, we're told that eyesight decline can be reversed by technology and surgically-based medicine. With a billion people wearing or needing glasses, reversing poor eyesight with surgery has to sound exciting to those who love resoluion, those who are dedicated to improvements in the human condition, especially those that are often thought to be a natural Part of the excitement is due to the knowledge of how many people can benefit just from knowing it IS possible to improve poor eyesight.

The larger blast of excitement comes from the reminder that, so far, every physical benefit brought by allopathic medicine, although containing dangerous or deadly side effects, is always matched by a natural approach that has worked successfully for at least the group that first produced or discovered it.

Dr. DellaRusso is just one of a growing number of eye surgeons who perform what is known as bladeless surgery. Because it is considered safer than surgery requiring the use of surgical blades, little shrift is given to people who have suffered so horribly from this so-called "bladeless eye surgery." Such people are in a minority, so it's not as if most people get worse from the "bladeless surgery." Quite the contrary, most patients do report distinctive, and often rousing improvements in eyesight which is such a joyful event for any human who suffers from poor eyesighty. The physical and internal pleasure is sufficiently profound to boost the immune system by very measurable levels, dramatic ones at that. Other areas of the mind and body of most bladess eye surgery patients derive a range of benefits. Some of these benefits are long-lasting and gratifyingly so.

That doesn't reduce the pain, suffering, involuntary tearing, worsening eyesight, and other nasty side effects of the "bladeless surgery." Their lives are dramatically worsened by their experience, and from what we've seen so far, those detrimental effects are proving to be long-term, perhaps permanent. Looking to see if it was the fault of the patients themselves, perhaps not following doctor's follow-up instructions or failing to take prescribed medicine. Such was not found to be the case.

In fairness to this burgeoning cottage industry, perhaps attributable to ground-breaking work from Dr. DellaRusso, it's important to note that the range of procedures currently offered don't have sufficient history to give the clearest or, for that matter, the fairest review. Without the passage of time, long-term effects remain more anecdotal than databased. Time, time, time. There is nothing as efficient as the passing of time to teach us comprehensively. Just look at how many "safe" drugs have had to be removed from the market as a result of the number of people who died from taking just the prescribed dosage. It was time that told the tale of the tape. Such highlighting of information is inevitably delayed, partly because politicians can hardly be expected to look out for the interest of others as skillfully as they show themselves to be self-absorbed. That requires you to do even a tiny bit more looking and thinking if you expect and desire to make better decisions for you and yours.

Bladeless Eye Surgery - Is Lasik Surgery Safe?

For the Shapelinks Way Of Life, any decisions at such a premature stage of taking in information, at least a look or two at Dr. DellaRusso and eleven other doctors across the country who perform "bladeless eye surgery" is warranted. Because it relates to poor eyesight, and the possibility of dramatically improving poor eyesight using blades that are made of laser beams instead of surgical steel blades. Blades are scary, whether they're laser blades or stainless steel surgical blades. As well, fairness and good decision-making require acknowledgement of the visveral response that any of us has when we hear any statement that has "eyes" and "surgery" in the same sentence. Feeling a bit queasy, are we? Welcome to the club. It's close to universal.

The Shapelinks Way Of Life is a way of thinking whereby the Shapelinks Way Of Life participant automatically and immediately bypasses thousands of thoughts and considerations in order to get to the meat of the nut, the bottom line, the end of the day, understanding that the greatest secret, the most powerful shortcut to determining someone's purity or lack thereof without making judgements, which is, not coincidentally, one of the greatest shortcuts of all time, relates to money.

Money is not the root of all evil, and there are no major documents throughout history that claim it to be so. You can, however, find many references, mostly in religious texts, that alternately imply and explicitly state that it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Not a subject worth debating, since it's been debated to death over the centuries and generally accepted as a fact of life.

A day's wage for a day's work. The largest portion of a doctor's four years in medical school, far more than mere anatomy, is learning which products in the drug catalog fit closest to a described condition or set of symptoms. Specialists, such as Dr. DellaRusso, go on to extremely narrow focus on a particular set of symptoms. In the case of Dr. DellarRusso, eye surgery became his area of interest.

It must have cost a great deal of money to develop his techniques, and the machinery he uses. One can hardly afford a rusty "blade" or any other qualititative reductin in tool quality, the Shapelinks Way Of Life holds that, after he recouped his investment and made a fair profit, his responsibility became one of caring and sharing. Instead, it appears that the greed of Dr. DellaRusso and his son, and others in their field, is so vast and unrestricted that their practice rakes in millions and millions of dollars.

No matter what you do as a human being, even when we add generous allowances for excellence, repaying years of dedication with fair remuneration, there is no one on this earth who is worth thousands of dollars per hour for one-on-one therapy that is supposed to be kindness-based, with care about human suffering and loss of vision taking strident precedence over personal profit.

Weighing these three primary factors together, let's review so that we're clear and as close as possible to an intelligent - ie: objective - set of observations and conclusions.

Many people, in fact a majority of people with poor vision who undergo the "bladeless" surgery, report definite benefit, even up to three and four years after receiving the eye surgery. Many of these eye surgery patients also report secondary and even tertiary benefits, from considerable surges in self-confidence to actual immune-boosting induced by the rush of endorphin-related chemicals that the brain produces, apparently due to personal happiness at such dramatic improvements in vision.

Secondly, we have to take into account that tiny percentage, below the three per hundred threshold that appears to be a dominant bellwether in thousands of reports pertaining to allopathic contraindications, those patients who end up worse for the eye surgery.

Do we need to engage in post-collegiate paradigms of pontifical prolixity, with brain-bending and bordem-inducing sophistry of technobabble to adequately convey the greatest findings of science? Hardly. Despite the sporadic technical support displayed in referential material here, the Shapelinks Way Of Life is about spelling out in plain English the fastest and most powerful resolutions to most every obstacle you will ever encounter between where you are now and where you want to be at a defined place in the future.

Instead of charging, for example, a hundred or two hundred dollars per procedure, which would absolutely represent a measured profit for Dr. DellaRusso, he and his practice continue, as of this date, to rape the wallets of people who will pay just about anything to fix their poor eyes.

The Shapelinks Way Of Life, at the end of the day, at the bottom of the page, invoking that most famous comparison of all time, to go ahead and look at it. Look closely at the bottom line.

Quick Look At The History of Lasik Bladeless Eye Surgery and Dr. DellaRusso

In the opinion of MisterShortcut, Dr. DellaRusso's first few years were ground-breaking and admirable. His continual search for personal wealth and investments and toys and luxury homes and vehicles and toys and more, at the direct expense of humans who are suffering so tragically, earns him nomination for being named among the "Scummiest Humans Of The Century," if not also counted among the greediest humans of our generation. Heartfelt sorrow goes out to those who have to pay the terrible price of blindness or worse as the result of Dr. DellaRusso's possibly excessive experimentation. Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as too much experimentation, when that experimentation is overly premature, lacking sufficient refinement. That's why you can read some horrific things in at least some of the lawsuits filed against Dr. DellaRusso. With so many natural approaches for fixing or keeping good vision, the Psychology of Longevity asks why ANYONE would seriously consider what DellaRusso or any other other eye surgeon offers in the way of elective surgery. The entire cornerstone of the Psychology of Longevity is to first exhaust every known SAFE method or substance, such as supplements, vitamins, and, most of all, superfoods, along with clearing energetic interference fields with mudpacks or frequencies.

Ergo, with relation to "bladeless surgery," MisterShortcut does not believe it's truly bladeless. That hopefully honed edge being used on and/or inside the human eyeball does appear in fact to be a blade, simply one not made of stainless steel.

Secondly, the Shapelinks Way Of Life promotes natural healing. Better to take natural supplements that include glutathione, zinc, and other natural, repeat, naturaly food supplements that support healthy eyesight, and most assuredly has been reversing eyesight challenges for many centuries.

Secondly, please note that, more often than not, in fact, quite a bit more often than not, eyesight problems are a direct result of liver imbalances. When the liver goes out of whack, the eyes go out of whack. Why your doctor doesn't know this is simple: the majority of a doctor's four years in medical school is spent engaged in sales training, learning which products in the drug catalogs get sold to the patients. Because the patent medicine generally costs between fifty and one thousand times more than the natural answer, you'd have to be foolish indeed to think that your doctor is going to tell you the safer, cheaper answer. They can cry and deny, decrying that there is no profit motive. Take another look at just what and to what extent the four largest drug companies fund all things medical in America.

A brief digression into a matter not directly related to "bladeless eye surgery" gives a great parallel example: prostate. To put it as plainly as possible, the Psychology of Longevity estimates that something approaching one hundred percent of all prostate surgeries are unnecessary because concentrated saw palmetto and betasitosterol, both of them relatively cheap and natural, produce far, whoops, FAR better results than surgery or prescription drugs. The natural solutions of concentrated saw palmetto and betasitosterol, unpatentable, and with zero side effects, or, to be more comparative to pharmaceutical approaches, never an injurious side effect, which is a claim that NO prescribed drug can make, is healthier and cheaper and more effective in approximately one hundred cases out of one hundred cases. On top of that, the Psychology of Longevity reminds you that prostate issues, like most all health issues, relate directly to acidic environment in the body, which is basically talking about inflammation. By fighting internal inflammation, eyesight issues, prostate issues, and so many others, can be healthfully remediated, and often.

Sorry to hurt your feelings, so let's get this over with quickly. You demonstrate again and again that you need to be reminded that there is no such thing as a safe pharmaceutical drug because every pharmaceutical ever approved kills or horribly sickens serious numbers of people. No exceptions. That is the one and only reason ever given as to why your doctor has to sign that prescription, and although the time and effort invested in you is limited to about five minutes, you're not going to be billed at the rate of ten or twenty or thirty dollars per hour. No, your doctor is indeed a greedy pig.

Your doctor is not one of these. Your doctor does not work for an average living, purusing instead Mercedes Benz and club memberships and satellite TV's and so many other items that have ZERO relation to human service or nobility. Those who seek personal wealth should do something more directly and licitly mercantile rather than turning our most noble art into a cash register.

Dr. DellaRusso, from the coign of vantage of anyone who understands the giving and sharing nature of the Shapelinks Way Of Life, cannot be someone we view as trustable. Money and more money is what Dr. DellaRusso and his cohorts pursue. How tragic that he passed such a selfish set of drive impulses in his own son, whose greed does give every appearance of being even greater than his father's, the first Dr. DellaRusso. With so many natural approaches for fixing or keeping good vision, the Psychology of Longevity asks why ANYONE would seriously consider what DellaRusso or any other other eye surgeon offers in the way of elective surgery. The entire cornerstone of the Psychology of Longevity is to first exhaust every known SAFE method or substance, such as supplements, vitamins, and, most of all, superfoods, along with clearing energetic interference fields with mudpacks or frequencies.

If the Psychology of Longevity approach is of value to a particular or given reader, kindly allow this page to be a "decidedly firm thumbs down" on laser surgery and the putative "bladeless eye surgery." EXCEPT for those who are directly facing complete blindness if they don't get the surgery in the next week or two. Since it's hard to imagine more than one or two people in every million fitting into that category in any given decade, let's hope that people are smart enough to begin a program of just thirty to even one hundred and thirty days using "beyond organic" healthy food supplements to dramatically improve their eyesight without glasses or surgery or prescription drugs.

The Shapelinks Way Of Life dares to suggest that Dr. DellaRusso might have been a more successful human, and, who knows, maybe even more honest, had he simply gone straight from medical school into selling used cars or other equipment for a living.

Bladeless Eye Surgery - Is It Safe? - Not very, in our opinion

Bladeless eye surgery and lasik - do they sound safe to you?
Do you know how many people have been blinded or damaged by bladeless eye surgery?

HOW much research did you say you've done on Lasik bladeless eye surgery?
Learning more is the most powerful way to live more, naturally.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life believes exercises are safer,
MUCH safer, in learning to rebalance your eyesight.
Did you know that eye exercises correct vision?
That's right; they can and do work every day.
Bladeless eye surgery is not recommended,
not by the Shapelinks Way Of Life.

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