Welcome to Masters and Champions, world's largest web site created by a single pair of hands,
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Masters & Millionaires is focused on universal shortcuts

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The beauty of PowerGems is the universality of their undeniable power to accelerate results in every single field of human endeavor.

Make no mistake: there ARE many shortcuts to success.
For those who wish to learn how to achieve more,
Masters and Millionaires will excite you,
because THESE are the fastest-acting, absolutely the most powerful shortcuts
that you and I can tap into for accelerated results towards success.
  Go for it... you're worth it!     No charge -- now or ever.  

In Memory of Monsignor Bernie Kellogg, obm,   and a dedicated student, MrShortcut

Special thanks and appreciation to people such as Oprah, for leading the way, &
Website Abstraction for Free Java applet. Great resource.

Paul Newman, role model extraordinaire,
is right up there with Monsignor Bernard Francis Kellogg,
when it comes to generosity of spirit and mind.
Thanks, Mr. Newman, and thank you, Bernie.

Welcome to The Shapelinks Way Of Life

Verifiably, this is
the largest self-empowerment site on earth,
the biggest web site ever created by a single pair of hands.

The Shapelinks Way Of Life is working for
thousands of thousands of masters, millionaires, champions, and billionaires,
and will certainly work for you....
provided you actually USE these high-powered shortcuts of our role models.

Enjoying some measure of literacy, those words were chosen thoughtfully:
Not merely thousands and thousands of masters and millionaires,
rather, thousands OF thousands
of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires using these shortcuts.
Yes, that means millions of masters and millionaires.

The Shapelinks Way Of Life-- - built just for YOU to succeed faster.

Free for your life

Success shortcuts have worked for literally millions of millionaires: great shortcuts.
Success shortcuts are for those who are determined to succeed faster with shortcuts.
Are you really saying that every one of these millions of people were smarter than you?
How could you possibly know this if you do not know each of those individual millionaires?

There is no doubt that you have greatness inside of you. You have proven it, occasionally.
Now is the time to prove it on purpose, planned out in advance, to get you to move up.

There IS a higher place on the ladder of life for you. You need to start climbing.
For whatever reasons you gave up at some point, ignoring your success shortcuts.
With so many dozens and scores of success shortcuts, perhaps hundreds of them,
you are finally and truly out of excuses for why you're not at the top of your own game.

From this day forth, embrace the Psychology of Shortcuts and watch it embrace you in return.
Never greet the dawn without a map, and a list of every possible person or agency you can ask.
Every hour of your life must contain deep breaths, fresh water, and at least one set of stretches.
These three alone, practiced with diligence, will vault you past most everyone performing around you.
The funny things about success shortcuts is that your use of them is what makes them success shortcuts