The Shapelinks Way Of Life
inevitably, into water.
Not a one can survive exclusively.
Independence does not exist for a snowflake.
So far, few humans have managed to cross this barrier.
What arrogance precludes your active submission to this truth?
Knowing anything in advance entitles you to bet on the outcome of events.
Who wouldn't love to know the winner of a given race fifteen minutes before it begins?
A single thought, alone and with the best you have stored within you, gives you that knowledge.
The difference is, of course, how many times you choose to apply that knowledge.
The second difference is how diligent a fidelity you apply to that knowledge.
The third and final difference is the desire underneath, your only force.
Everything you do and feel is based on just two possibilities.
One is getting more of something you greatly appreciate.
The other is getting less of something you fear.
Manipulating these three differences.
That's it; your secret of secrets.
No snowflake goes it alone.
Ask more people for it,
ask them more times.
Snow, combined,
is quite a force.
Ice or water,
or united:
we, or I
If you knew better, you'd do better.     Follow those who do... ... with your own imprint

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Disraeli taught us, "Nothing can resist a human will that'll stake even existence on a settled purpose."
That translates into, "How hungry are you?"

One of the few most basic and most powerful foundations of the Shapelinks Way Of Life is that the hungriest human always wins the race.

The antepenultimate... third-to-last... step of success... is figuring out how to do it.

Knowing why is the largest internal engine of power you will ever consider.
With sufficient why, the "how" is assured of being revealed.
Unexceptionally. You will always find the how.
It is the "why" that stops most people.
What about you?

BTW, if you can turn the innermost white dots off and on with only one other change occurring,
you're not only enjoying exceptional control over your muscles and hand/eye coordination,
you are as well exposing yourself to more colors, more joy, more living.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life always seeks multiple benefits.
There is always more than one level to wisdom.
Look more and you find more.
It's that simple.