Chelation bath system

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     As we age, our bodies become more acidic.  This causes our respiration rate to increase sending us into respiratory alkalosis.  As respiratory alkalosis progresses, our blood ph rises from 7.35 to 7.7 and higher, setting the stage for cancer, circulatory diseases and other conditions.    You can verify this process in yourself by seeing how many breaths you take in one minute.  A healthy rate is 4-8 breaths per minute.  If you breath more than 8 times a minute, you may be in respiratory alkalosis.  As the blood ph rises, key biological functions become less efficient and calcium comes out of solution and can deposit in our arteries, joints and internal organs as hydroxyapatite.

     Our chelation bath system helps lower blood ph back to healthy values.  Key vitamin, mineral and enzyme pathways become more efficient, muscles relax, oxygenation improves, and calcium is more easily dissolved  from the tissues.  Our chelation bath system also helps re-educate the brain to accept slower breathing rates and helps reverse respiratory alkalinity.  As breath rate and heart rate slow down, lifespan may be extended.  Our bath system also donates hydrogen ions to the body.  Hydrogen ions are considered the ultimate antioxidants due to  their small size and powerful free radical reducing ability.   Since EDTA can only effectively remove  calcium in an alkaline environment. do not use this bath on the same day as using EDTA chelation.

     The bath is also designed to

    Our chelation bath system can be done separately or along with our chelation suppositories for greater effect.  Each canister of our specialized gas mixture lasts for 2 baths before needing recharging.

The cost of the bath system is  $495.00.  


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