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Let's Get Clear About Shapelinks and Towerlinks

The Psychology of Longevity and Shapelinks Way Of Life wish to make some things clear about Shapelinks and Towerlinks.
Neither TowerLinks or Shapelinks were, or, actually, are at this time, intended to be ends unto themselves, so to speak.
First came Shapelinks. Towerlinks were created by a form of "happy accident," to quote a great college art teacher.
The Shapelinks were intended to fit multiple purposes at the same time, with EyeCandy being prime among them.
They ARE links, bringing visitors into the Shapelinks Way Of Life and Psychology of Longevity websites.
At the same time, Shapelinks and Towerlinks are colorful expressions of one person's sense of art.
Even better yet, Shapelinks and Towerlinks are also interactive, so you get to join in the fun.
Most importantly of all, are health secrets and shortcuts from the Psychology of Longevity,
and the exciting Shapelinks Way Of Life.wealth secrets and shortcuts that always work.
Consider the Psychology of Longevity to be an opportunity to reverse YOUR life-clock.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life should be perceived precisely as it is intended to be:
You are encouraged to play with all the presented EyeCandy, ala Towerlinks Shapelinks,
and with many interactive effects that you may have to look for in order to find and interact with.
When you have had your EyeCandy pleasure center made happy for a while, it's time to get busy for you.
Before you go furthertb, let us be sure that you get all that you are intended to, from "time to get busy for you."
Those seven words are intended to have two separate, and united meanings, so be good enough to review them again.
After the interactive EyeCandy fun, focus in on the Psychology of Longevity HealthGems and Shapelinks Way Of Life Secrets.
You have millions and millions of pages from one end of the Psychology of Longevity to the other end of the Shapelinks Way Of Life.
The smartest thing you can do is to use at least one or more of what you learn, for it all comes from masters, millionaires, and champions.

The Why Of TowerLinks Shapelinks

The HealthGems, the PowerGems, which all add up, perhaps, to WealthGems, are here for you to help you to help yourself and others.
Be good enough to remember the others. Towerlinks and Shapelinks are also intended to be a gift to, an entertainment for, you.
With great hopes from the Psychology of Longevity and great expectations from the Shapelinks Way Of Life, go for yours.
Helping the helpless will accelerate your benefits from the Psychology of Longevity and Shapelinks Way Of Life.
You can prove this for as little as eighteen cents per day. Just give eighteen cents per day, anonymously.
Within twenty-two days, maybe a bit less, you will grasp some power of the Shapelinks Way Of Life.
If you like, you can say that Shapelinks and Towerlinks are meant to solve some global issues.
Clear enough?