Believe In You!   Introduction to the Shapelinks Way Of Life,  with  The Godfather of EyeCandy
More interactive self-empowerment pages than you can ever visit ... designed for you by the devoted MisterShortcut
One of the few great certainties of life is that you're capable of doing better one time for every twelve tries.
Engaging in this one practice is absolutely guaranteed to double your results or income in every area of human endeavor.
The simple act of getting one percent better every time you try something has magical results that defy all logic.

Believe In YOU??   Someone Certainly Does!

All of these hundreds of thousands of pages in the Shapelinks Way Of Life, et alia,
were created and individually rendered unique with you in mind, all by one pair of hands.
The purpose of these efforts?   To bring you the greatest and healthiest shortcuts of all time,
and to permanently eliminate the words "starving children." It's disgusting, and you know it.
By helping you to rapidly develop your wealth, and certainly your health, we create a tie.
Whether it binds will be determined not merely over the next several years of your life.
Even better now, we will both likely have proof in the next sixty minutes of your life.
Everything you've ever felt or done in your life up until today was preparation.
Today, you move into the greatest zone a human being can aspire to or reach.
Today, you finally begin to undertand time more than you ever have before.
Today, you begin capturing more of your 1,440 unique opportunities.
The one equalizer amongst all humans are those daily minutes,
1,440 perfectly unique opportunitis to do things the same,
and perfect opportunities to do them better than ever.
Even your biggest critics are going to be shocked.
That's a strong word: "Shocked," and it's true.
Today you stop yakking and become a star.
As you may know, I'm different.
Rather than use it to gather money,
my minutes are happier and more enriched than yours,
not because I'm better-looking or brighter or more connected.
My minutes are so rich with luxury for two replicable reasons:
One, I'm helping to feed hundreds of thousands of people per week.
Secondly, any day that my arms and legs are working and moving well,
the Psychology of Shortcuts suggests that today is already one great day.
Most of us never know just when or where the ride comes to the most personal end.
If you grasp the speed of the last few hundred months, you see that time passes faster.
Therefore, there is no way that today will be treated with only the same energy as yesterday.
EVERY SINGLE ACTION YOU TAKE has a "top ten percent." By doing nothing more than finding them,
you are going to the horse's mouth rather than the wrong end of the horse, an idea that smells better.
Those who do it the best know it best. If your critics are shocked, just imagine how you're about to feel.
You want to start right away taping into your magical powers? Try turning off your ego for just a few minutes.
and pretend that you're concerned only about the interests of the person you're studying or asking something of.

This one trick alone will vault you years ahead of your putative contemporaries with the power that grows.
Now pretend that your pretense is not pretense at all, as if you really and truly care deeply.
Suddenly you understand for the first time ever that hearing has more than one meaning.
For whatever reason, it is factually correct: turning off your ego gives you power.
The more I know about what you want, the faster my power grows, do you see?
That's because the human of power does "whatever might be necessary..."
a phrase you're already familiar with. Do more and you get more.
Sometimes that entails sacrifice on your part. That's ok,
because your patience always ends up repaid repeatedly.
Yes, it's true that nice guys finish last, no doubt,
and when they get there with an intact family,
a soul blessed with a clean conscience,
something earned day by day for life.
Let your journey accelerate now.
Start from the inside out.
Focus on excellence.
inside AND out.

Believe in You, Believe in You; it's more than mere attitude. Believing in you erases obstacles.

You should also be able to find several hundred thousand additional unique pages, plus some mirrors,
focusing on the greatest shortcuts of champions and winners, masters and role models.
With over a thousand websites, the majority of them hosted at free webhosts, globally,
surely many will die, although hundreds of sites are paid for, years in advance.
Like it or not, life can be a challenge, and winners strike out more - trying more.
Over time, webhosts for one reason or another will likely cease their services.
Yet there's confidence the Shapelinks Way Of Life will live on, in you.

Your omnipotent PowerGems, & EyeCandy, hundreds of thousands of them,
had a foundation of an essay, with hundreds of different versions, each,
then customizing them one at a time at fantastic speeds... repeatedly.
To each was added snippets of delicious EyeCandy interactive effects.
and huge respect for your untapped potential of all you shall do.
Despite only a couple of thousand original chapters, PowerGems,
the additions of Shapelinks and TowerLinks and MasterLinks,
each new school of EyeCandy compelling desire for art,
somehow expanded into a thousand websites and more,
five hundred to seventeen thousand pages per site.
And so, we present you, for your edification,
delectation and edgimicational benefit,
your Shapelinks Way Of Life

Learn more so as to live more.
Live more so you can give more.

Ok -- take an EyeCandy peek

A great way to benefit yourself is the trick of giving. It's magnadamnifient!
In case you didn't know it, the next time you need money, give eighteen cents to charity.
Give eighteen dollars to charity Give anything to charity and watch what happens within a day or three.
It worked so many times for people who were known to engage in the daily practice of giving charity,
that MisterShortcut chose to try it. It worked five times out five times in the past ten days.
Unexpected funds came in, and those are facts. Conclude as you wish, will, or would.
It costs very little to try it. Each time you give away cash for genuine charity,
it comes back to you, usually multiplied, not merely increased. For a dime?
Give it a try. If the money doesn't come back immediately,
do you think it still feels better than losing on lotto?
Pull up more of the best in you. Others notice,
and suddenly offer you more opportunities.
It's so easy it's silly, you know,
maybe that's why it's a secret.
Shhh. Less talk. More action.

hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.
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You are now beginning the single greatest winning streak of your entire life.
Welcome to the Shortcuts Capital of the Universe, from your chief cheerleader.

Learning more leads to living more,
especially with PowerGems from the Shapelinks Way Of Life,
brought to you in the pursuit of bringing out the best in you.
Develop more of your potential with the Shapelinks Way Of Life, and go for yours, quickly!
Created with love by MisterShortcut, for You

Another MisterShortcut creation for the Shapelinks Way Of Life and Psychology of Longevity.

Why believe in you? Is it just self-induced euphoria to believe in you?
Never mind the rah-rah factor.
A range of scientifically observable benefits is the result when you believe in you.
It is the science of success, NOT the art of success. Thus, you are told: believe in you