Flame Of The Shapelinks Way Of Life                                   
Remember 911day always                


A candle memorial, is that all that's left, a candle memorial for those too adripft, bereft?
Floating and hovering over a candle memorial, one that cannot quite tell the same story.
911day will last forever, in the hearts and the minds and the lives of those who lived through it.
Candle memorial, in mind and in heart, at least candle memorials cannot return you to the start.

The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity present 911day memorial candles at every site.
May we never forget, and still, may we never remember, always knowing boundaries, from the lines that we draw.

Using the Psychology of Longevity to promote your health, and Psychology of Shortcuts to promote your wealth,
you will find wisdom in developing your own Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts perception.