Shortcuts To Becoming A Millionaire

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How many times in your life have you planned out an event in advance?
Whether it was a holiday list, your weekly shoppping list, items you needed for school or for a party,
or maybe a list of the people to invite...

In each of these cases, you decided precisely what you wanted, who you wanted, and then wrote them down, didn't you? ... & then did whatever was necessary to achieve your aim.

If you're like the majority of people, you have several VERY VALID reasons for not treating your life and your long-term wants & desires the same way. What those reasons are, I do not know, nor do I care. Our only care is about determining exactly what it is you want in your life, and how we're going to make it happen for you in the next 30 months or less.A mere 1000 days. Even if you want to be an expert in brain surgery, when we take a step back from the instant gratification we've become so wrapped up in, and divide The most difficult goal on earth into a thousand smaller pieces, surely you'll agree there is no limit to our potential for achievement and accomplishment.

No one says you have to do the entire thousand pieces up front, partly because when we view it that way, a thousand pieces does indeed sound like a great deal. Also, as a bonus revelation, we find so very often that taking five or six steps in a row will automatically create or accomplish the next few steps as well, eliminating many unnecessary steps in a journey of a thousand pieces.

Actually creating a written list with a numbers one through a thousand is for that special someone who fits into the top three percent, not by brains or brawn, looks or likeability, or much of anything but burning, passionate desire. Those three-percenters are already getting busy on those thousand steps. This document is not focused quite so much on them as it is on the rest of us, which includes you.

For those of us who are desirous of "settling" for being in the top ten percent, or The top twenty percent, excuses are no longer acceptable. THIS is the time to get busy getting busier. THIS is the time to start by breaking the thousand steps into as few or as many chunks, or stages, as we deem fit. For the sake of ease, let's declare that your vital goal is to be broken into one hundred stages. So, in order to achieve that goal within a thousand days, we need to accomplish one stage every ten days.

Let us set three days to do nothing more complicated than creating a written plan for the first five stages, perhaps The first ten stages. If you're so busy working 16 hours per day, we can even start by creating, in writing, just the first stage or two, remembering that each stage is broken into three pieces. In three days, are you capable -- oops, we know you are capable of it -- are you WILLING to place on paper ten stages, or five stages, or even one or two stages, with each one broken into a few smaller pieces?

A life-changingly simple method, right in front of your face. Some of the busiest humans on the planet do this regularly. NOT BY COINCIDENCE, more than a few of them are in the magical 471. "471" is the number of people who's been identified by Forbes, Fortune, and other sources as being the four hundred and seventy-one humans who own or control a whopping seventy percent of all the cash on this planet. they do better than you, and they know better than you, so this instant is a good instant for you to separate personality from issue and look carefully at what these leaders are doing.

They are breaking their biggest goals into tinier pieces, creating a clear path to the achievement of their goals. Very, very often, things will happen to knock the achievement of a stage off course. Losers cry about the loss, winners briefly regret it and use the remainder of "regret energy" to focus on resolution.

I heard a fellow say that we spend more time planning our weddings than we do our marriages.

I can't help but wonder if that's why most weddings are excellent and successful... while most marriages end up being less than excellent and successful. Is there a connection here, or am I crazy?

When you go to take a shower, you don't accidentally end up wet & naked in the bathroom, do you?

You got there ON PURPOSE: you Decided to take a shower; you went into your room, got undressed, grabbed a towel, etc., & PURPOSELY ended up precisely where you'd intended: the shower!!

And that's the whole purpose of this document: We do very few things by accident. Millions of times each second, your brain makes decisions based on the - are you ready for this? - thousands of billions of bits of data flowing through your internal computer system! the Reticular Activating System in the back of your head, also referred to as the "Secretary of the Human Mind" examines roughly eight MILLION bits of data every single second, deciding whether to bring it to your conscious attention, or merely store it In The Shapelinks Way Of Life "downstairs storage" of the subconscious.

Hey, when you notice your gas is low, you suddenly remember seeing a gas station a few blocks or miles back. When you first passed it, you saw it, but your reticular system decided it wasn't important enough to "bother" you with, so it stored the info in your subconscious mind, aptly referred to as "The Robot."

Yet, when you saw the gas gauge getting low, you suddenly remembered that gas station because you gave a direct command to the Reticular System to search the brain for all info relating to gas: "Where is gas?/How much cash do I have?/Do I have time to fill up, or just grab a few dollars worth?," and so on.

If you're smart enough to use your brain to take a shower, fill your tank, write a letter, or a million other petty things, what would possibly stop you from using these same techniques for more important things in your life? Important stuff, such as your family relationships, career/finances, or simply feeling pleased.

I'm asking YOU a question:

If the answer is "No," then please explain to the face in your mirror precisely why you have written out shopping lists, invitation lists, book lists, booze lists, vacation clothing lists, holiday lists, and more... but don't seem to have the time to plan out how you're going to live the rest of your life. Is one of us stupid here? If I'm at all offensive, then please, accept my lack of apology: I'm only responding to the fact that only 4 to 5 of every 100 people on this earth take the trouble to actually try for excellence in their lives. Maybe you're in that 4 or 5 percent.

The next 21 days will tell us clearly. One thing I unconditionally guarantee: Investment of literally

1% of your time (14 minutes pr day) for 21 straight days will yield an improvement of no less than 10 - 50% in every area of your life that you commit to paper, in the form of goals and "action plans."

Your words are a whisper in the storm of your actions.
We know what you're doing because we see what you're doing.     Don't you?

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Welcome to the Shapelinks Way Of Life, from Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts to Success.
With many hundreds of thousands of unique web pages on 1,089 unique websites, this is
The Largest Self-Empowerment Website Online
... all for YOUR accelerated success
That is the Shapelinks Way Of Life of Winners and High Achievers, Role Models and Leaders
powers and magical shortcuts.

Therefore, there is one catch to this collection of SuperShortcuts :

They work every time.... ONLY on those things we desire.

So, we begin with a better question:

"What would please you more than anything else?"

It's the center of everything we ever do with success: the pleasure

Without any doubt, creating a happy mental video in this next minute before reading another paragraph will instantly boost your immune system... ... and the more pleasure you will feel in being alive... ... and the closer you will get to having that happy scene occur at least one more time in your life. Please, shut up shut up shut up!! Close your eyes now and create a video of you in the happiest place on earth... YOUR happiest place. In these next five minutes.

If you did it, you're already feeling better, a bit enchanted, right?

The only rule to this book is that you MUST close your mouth & open your ears, because this is coming from the mouth of the horses themselves;
THOUSANDS of them ... ... interviewed one at a time.

Suspend your disbelief for a few minutes per day, and you'll get measurable results.... within a week or so. With just a few minutes that belong exclusively to the realm of you and I together, you're promised and absolutely guaranteed to get better results. Even if you're still having a hard time believing that everything in your life is going to be radically better in a matter of days and weeks, one thing is unarguable and certain: you will boost your results faster than you are doing now.

How can I be so certain? Well, there's a ninety-nine percent probability that you agree with the value of mental visualization and can even explain to a child why it's good for long-term development as an achiever, and a 93% probability that you didn't truly suspend your own disbelief and really get into that short, happy mental movie, right?
    How is it that you'll encourage a child to engage in a technique that you KNOW will work for the child, yet you're 'too old' or 'too smart' or too anything to use it yourself?

Each exercise and PowerGem has been used countless millions of times by so many people that even you have probably admired.
    They work.

If 'your way' was better, you'd be living that happy life now, wouldn't you? If you're not reading this as a publisher, you're reading it because you're still flexible enough to admit I'm asking you to simply suspend your preconceived notions of what works and what doesn't work. We're talking about sixty seconds.   SIXTY seconds, for Pete's sake!! The pressures of the world can't wait sixty seconds for you to get into a better frame of mind?   Please, give us a break. Hush up and get into the swing here.

It absolutely begins with an image in your mind, just like the one Edison had in his mind when the NY Times headlines laughed at his idea of an electric light bulb... and just like the idea Jimmy Carter had of building houses for homeless people through a program called Habitat for Humanity; just like the movies that Walt Disney played in his mind over and over as an astonishing eighty-four different banks rejected his concept of Mickey Mouse.  Eighty-four rejections!!   All three of these people, and countless others as well, have succeeded far beyond what you have, NOT because they're smarter, or taller, better-looking or more talented, not   by   a   long shot!!   No, it's their willingness to create that internal visualization, and then follow through with better questions and written plans.

Begin with the mental movie now and stay there for no less than sixty seconds. Desire is the fuel of every goal and achievement ever attained by a man or woman.   It's been that way for many centuries; it's not likely to change now.

USE YOUR DESIRE intentionally... the more you focus on your desire, and specifically why you want it -- what you will specifically get from attaining that desire -- the more your brain produces methods to get there. It is vital for you to understand that this is not merely rah-rah motivation mumbo -- it's brain science:


USE THIS TO YOUR PERSONAL ADVANTAGE!! Since it can only move towards its most dominant thought of this instant, doesn't it make sense for YOUR brain, YOUR focus, YOUR efforts to be under the exclusive control of YOU?   Forget about all that external garbage. Stop allowing spouses/parents/friends/relatives/co-workers/the economy/the weather/the.... to guide you in your daily activities! Take control!! This is your life, friend, and if you don't work at making YOUR dreams come true, then we, the world, can see that you'll spend your remaining good years working at the goals of someone who HAS taken control of their destination, sometimes referred to as "destiny."   Go ahead: punch that man's clock! Gather that man's cotton! Sell that man's overpriced clothing! And you'd better take his guff, too, because HE's putting food on the table with pursuit of a dream, a goal.

Or, take control.   It's YOUR turn!!     That doesn't mean quitting your job this instant; it means MAKING two, three, even four hours per week to pursue YOUR passion, YOUR interests, YOUR family, friends, and other life quality things.

Get that movie going!! See the lights, smell the smells, literally instruct your internal viewer to zoom in closer, so you can feel, hear, smell, see, and touch the details of you personally achieving that one desire that you and I both know is still there inside of you.

It cost you no money, just a minute and a half of your time, and it is guaranteed to improve the quality of this day today, provided you do nothing more than create a happy movie in your mind, right now, for just sixty seconds or so. Then you'll be better prepared to return to the magic of PowerGems... from our masters, millionaires, and billionaires.     Enjoy the flick!

  Plant YOUR seeds of power!      Water and nurture them with daily movies.     CAN DO!  

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In Memory of the truly amazing Monsignor Bernie Kellogg,
and his grateful student, the prolific MisterShortcut

Desire is the ultimate gasoline, desire is the fuel of most every accomplishment.
When human desires for a specific achievement, a defined goal, prove strong enough,
the "how" reveals itself, or is otherwise discovered, when there is a strong enough "why."
Learning, defining the why you want is the most critical key to effectively figuring the "how."
The Psychology of Shortcuts cannot accomplish your goals for you, since only You know "why."
When we consider what the situation will be if we do not achieve the goal, versus if we do attain it,
the strength of one over the other is where we create the foundation of determinining how we will do it.
On that basis alone, the Psychology of Shortcuts urges you to detail why you want to do, be, or have it.
Do not underestimate the power of your desire with respect to a narrow, defined, specific achievement.
Whether you are trying to acquire something, build something, be or do something, desire rules,
because without the underlying desire, there is virtually no chance you can excel at it.
Revealing another useful reality, that it is more worthwhile to do what you like most.
List all the things you are REALLY good or great at, and you note the commonality:
the actions you are best at... tend to be those activities that you most enjoy doing.
Does it make sense for you to pursue a career at something you dislike doing?
People are endlessly claiming that they are stuck in something they dislike.
Sorry, you surely have at least one or two discretionary hours per week?
Even those preciously few chunks of time are available for investment.
"Investment" as in a dedicated investment of effort into YOUR future.
"When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life."
Confucious is first credited with saying that 2,500 years ago.
Do you honestly think it is any less true millennia later?
Desire feeds you, desire elevates you, relentlessly.
With a strong enough "why," you find the "how."
Tie these thoughts together into a coherent plan.
Taking what you most enjoy doing repeatedly,
marrying that to a plan to be well-paid for it,
you, as well, will see the power of desire,
the power to change the world forever,
most of all, YOUR world and lifetime.
That's your Psychology of Shortcuts,
waiting inside of you, to come out,
the greatest of all your desires.
Let desire guide your path.

The Shapelinks Way Of Life means END OF LAME EXCUSES.

As Artie Marzig unerringly posed,
"There are thousands of excuses for failure; only one reason"
The techniques and methods, the secrets and shortcuts to success here at the Shapelinks Way Of Life and far beyond,
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You should quickly find the Shapelinks Way Of Life to be the true path to Life.
Reach for more inside of yourself and you will be astonished at what is inside of you,
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That's not rah-rah; it's recognition of the enormity of resources available to you. It's your turn.

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Employ the simple laws of physics for your own direct advantage.   Get wealthy by giving.
You cannot suspend the laws of physics, so it's wise to profit repeatedly from them.
You will find that this fruit of the Shapelinks Way Of Life tastes delicious.
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