You have arrived at the world's largest naturopathic website, the Psychology of Longevity,
which may or may not include the right to think of it as the world's healthiest website.
Filled with the wealthiest and healthiest shortcuts of top achievers and winners, the secrets of those who live stronger longer,
it has been designed for your life, with
Mr-Shortcut, the Godfather of EyeCandy
The Psychology of Longevity and Shapelinks Way Of Life are GIGANTIC.
Tap any letter, number or character - even upper-case on your keyboard
to transmogrify this page into another Mr-Shortcut website of EyeCandy and self-empowerment

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IN RE: the Shapelinks Way Of Life, mirror pages are in addition to unique pages.

At last count, several hundred thousand unique pages, plenty more mirror pages.
It's important to follow the search engine rules, with dozens or hundred of changes...
. even on pages that might appear similar at first glance. Follow the rules, and multiply.

Different people respond to different approaches. Some prefer an appeal, some a slap.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life is out to be the universal coach for you personally.

So, unique versions of the Shapelinks Way Of Life exist on servers worldwide.

This, to try and ensure that you, your kids, and beyond,
can continue to enjoy free access to our PowerGems,
containing so many of your greatest shortcuts,
without having to spend money to do so.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life awaits,
because your best days are ahead,
we have NOT seen your best yet.
Reach, friend, all the way in.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life,
because you're worth it.

Wait, it gets better.
There are also between three hundred and five hundred thousand additional unique pages,
focusing on the greatest shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires,
ALSO created by that same pair of hands, beginning here at The Shapelinks Way Of Life,
and continuing through all the other "Psychology of _________" empowerment websites.

All of this EyeCandy and perhaps BrainCandy as well, hundreds of thousands of pieces,
were often created in batches, and then opened individually to uniquify them.
Opening hundreds of copies of a page provides freedom to be expressive.
To each was added snippets of delicious EyeCandy interactive effects.
At last count, you should find thousands of original chapters,
with anywhere from one hundred to more than a thousand
distinctly discrete versions of each PowerGem chapter.
Only Shakespeare contributed more words to English
than Mr-Shortcut, who dreamed of your success.
That's how much love you will find here:
hundreds of thousands of pieces...
particularly for you and yours,
Learn, live, & give more..