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YOUR Tower of Health.
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The Shapelinks Way Of Life

Today is the best date and time to regain control of your direction.
With all of the advances in naturopathic technologies,
why would you continue toxicying your body?
Prescription drugs kill and injure people,
FAR more than they benefit people.
Smell the roses. Learn more.
Ten minutes of research!!
That's all you need, hm?
Start somewhere.
Start now.

That’s why all these hundreds of thousands of pages are free… for YOUR life.

Learn more in order to live more
Live more in order to give more.
Please remember to feed those who are hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.
Yes you do make the difference
Meritable sponsors donate 1.1 cups of staple food for our free clicks.
MrShortcut reminds us that when we click this food button and the one that pops open we actually save a human life... no charge to you.

Thank you. Half of the world is sleeping hungry tonight, if they sleep at all. You and I are making the difference,
at last count to the tune of twenty-one million cups of food in our third year: 21,000,000 cups of food...
from you guys.

Thank you with all my heart.

As we all observe diabetes, cancer, and heart disease going through the roof,
not merely increasing through the years, rather, multiplying through the years,
doesn't it cause you to even consider that the food chain is not right?
When you leave life-and-death decisions to others pursuing money,
exactly what do you think your chances are of a fair shake?
How long will you be the silly subject of advertising?
How long will you pay to have someone ELSE'S name,
someone ELSE'S alias or identify on your clothes?
Do you even have a clue how foolish this looks?
It's no different from letting an M.D. decide,
based on how much he or she expects to earn,
what invasive/expensive procedures YOU should have your body exposed to.

There's something imbalanced about that, so you're urged to look again.
Find out how others have dealt with the same challenge naturally.
Whatever you suffer from, or eink you may suffer from,
thousands on up to millions have handled it naturally.
That means you are not a lone rider on a sole ride.
Others have been there before, and resolved it.
You can, you shall, and you will, too,
when you learn to help yourself.
Learn more so as to live more.
Naturally, friend.
All naturally.

Everything you do has a price to be paid; everything you do adds up.
Everything you see and think and smell and taste and experience in life,
all add to the history of your life that is recorded into the "Book of Life."
Does it not make sense to create chapters that fulfill your mission?
You know better than anyone, we hope, what your missions is.
Use the Shapelinks Way Of Life to develop that mission.
Your clock is running just as fast as everyone else's.
Please stop thinking you are an exception in life.
You are not.
You need water and air.
You need sea salt and good oil,
meaning oil that has not been heated.
These four, along with bulk and good bacteria,
are five of the simplest, most powerful secrets of life.
If you knew better, we are confident you would do better.
Until that moment arrives, give your attention to those who do.
Great masters and millionaires, great champions and billionaires.
Those who do it the best, know it the best, including elderly people.
Those who live the longest at their strongest? They are the horse's mouth.
Most everyone else is getting it, frankly, from the entirely wrong end of the horse.
Let today be YOUR Shapelinks Way Of Life today, wherein you light up the inner you.
You have excelled in rare moments of your life, and every one of them felt quite magnificent.
Use your Shapelinks Way Of Life to have such magnificent moments - every day you live and breathe!

That's what the Shapelinks Way Of Life is all about, at the end of the days and nights you fritter or invest.