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Many of these sites are hosted with smaller companies, many expected to go out of business.
 That's why the Shapelinks Way Of Life is one of 1,000 MisterShortcut sites.
Every site was created and produced to bring out the best of what's in you,
By creating so many varieties and flavors, one may appeal to you specially.

with treats and visual surprises: EyeCandy,
all here for your life.


Stop telling us what you can do.
Try showing us what you can do.
Better yet, show yourself.
What you do speaks so loudly,
we can hardly hear a word you're saying.

Just for the fun of it, you can now save a life.
Corporate sponsors buy over a cup of food for your clicks.                                 Nice... saving a life with clicks!
Delicious EyeCandy Castle

Are we having fun yet?     It's been delightful creating it for you.
What you know means little to any of us.
What you DO with what you know engages us. 

Do more with what you know.
Rapid improvement is the inevitable result.
Even better, it improvement occurs as often as you wish.
You already know the math: try it ten times, and succeed once or twice..
Try it one hundred times, and your skill level multiplies repeatedly.

Every child dreams of having special powers.
These thoughts on not based on mere idle wishes.
If you like pertinent quotations, here's one to look up:

"Everything that the mind of man can conceive, and believe, he will achieve."

When do you allow those who know better to teach you?
When do you comprehensively grasp the power of shortcuts?
When you do see that great shortcuts turn your wishes into reality?
The wishes of a child seeking special powers empowers a new reality.
Every human is given several special powers, powers that are rarely used.
Emergencies and those things more desired are when you engage these powers.
Crisis sitations and what you desire the most are inevitably subject to these powers.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life is an effort to help you develop the special powers within you.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life does not - cannot - use these powers for you: they are volitional.
Start with any page of the Shapelinks Way Of Life, any PowerGem at the Shapelinks Way Of Life.

Any and every page contains useful information to help you to help yourself, empower you to empower yourself.
Begin to repay the Shapelinks Way Of Life by feeding those around you who cannot feed themselves.

Feed those who are starving. This the first and last step of the Shapelinks Way Of Life.


Are you waiting on the Psychology of Shortcuts, or is the Psychology of Shortcuts waiting on YOU?
Get it into your brain: YOUR time's going by faster than your yesterday, & today's date is unique.
You get one of today, only one of today. Putting pressure internally reduces external pressure.

A key treasure of the Psychology of Longevity is that is empowers your Psychology of Shortcuts, fostering many steps forward in your efforts.
You already know that you pretty much get out of something what you've put into it. Adding shortcuts is a game-changer well-worth learning.

Feeding starving children, animals, etc., is probably a larger gesture than even you realize it is.
Yes, there is a selfish feeling of "Oh, how good am I," and still, the kindness is preternatural.
Neither the Psychology of Shortcuts nor the Psychology of Longevity shows us good cause,
none at all for why so many thousands of young children die each day from starvation or thirst.
There is more than enough food and water on earth to provide for everyone, yet, they keep dying.
Our job, you and I, all of us who live the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity, forever,
is to help the helpless, that they can help themselves, and then reach along to the next generation, as well.

The helpless will always exist.... not least because...
wherever you find greed,
you will find the helpless.
Reach. Reach for more within yourself, and only look down on those you're offering a hand up to.
Awaken the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity that exists in each of us, and see.

Among the greatest features of the true master secrets of the universe that are seeded here,
awaiting YOUR nurturing and sprouting into trees of life, is that the Psychology of Shortcuts,
and, to no less of an extent, the Psychology of Longevity as well, do not require credibility.

Live these PowerGems, continually ingest more air, water, air-dried sea salt, oil, bulk, probiotics.
The Psychology of Longevity aims to help you fulfill the Psychology of Shortcuts within you.
Less talking, more doing. Please make this hour of your life one filled with wealth of effort.