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This is a Shapelink, yet another MisterShortcut EyeCandy innovation.
You can find many thousands of original and uniquely interactive PowerLinks,
all throughout the Shapelinks Way Of Life and one-thousand-plus other sites,
each hand-crafted by the master of all them all, the Godfather of EyeCandy.

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CuteLinks, the interactive PowerLinks from the Godfather of EyeCandy,
were created for your entertainment and more, for your self-empowerment.
This site exists in the belief that you were born to rise to your highest potential,
and in nurturance of you passing on some of what you're about to develop and obtain.
Your life is thoroughly and indisputably about to change, and rather dramatically.
Those who think they know better are annoying to those of us who really do.
That's why the Shapelinks Way Of Life always turns to masters and champions.
They do it better, repeatedly, proving that they most assuredly know it better.

You will never be exhorted to buy anything here, because you're entitled to it all.
The multi-million dollar value of the Shapelinks Way Of Life is free for your life.
It's your birthright, and your freedom to invest or dispose of as you repeatedly please.
How you spend your minutes, right now and today, tells us everything we need to know.
Any and every bright adult can see with high accuracy where you will be tomorrow,
based on all of your yesterdays plus what you're doing today.
, is only going to happen this once in your life,
so it is worth shaping, trimming, and highlighting
The payoffs will astound you, in as little as days.

The Most Successful Philanthropy Website On The Internet

Already generating many tens of millions of cups of food by YOUR clickthroughs to TheHungerSite,
you can fairly call Mister-Shortcut the richest man on earth, for which you are thanked.
YOU have certainly made the Shapelinks Way Of Life the most successful pro bono website,
if not of all time, then certainly the most food-centrically success site of our time.
ALL applause to you, for the persistence of your daily clicks. Keep it up, Cutie!
Beyond argument, you are a superstar in the making.

Shapelinks Way Of Life Powerlinks For PowerGem Shortcuts

Powerlinks should tease you,
and PowerLinks can release you,
from the bonds of mediocrity in your life.
Powerlinks cannot re-arrange your name,
and cannot be expected to heal the lame.
reach for your Powerlinks to think the same.
All that you do, and all that you see,
are where we create YOUR history.
PowerLinks to PowerGems:
Creating YOUR history,
all to and for the best.

Everything you do has a price to be paid; everything you do adds up.
Everything you see and think and smell and taste and experience in life,
all add to the history of your life that is recorded into the "Book of Life."
Does it not make sense to create chapters that fulfill your mission?
You know better than anyone, we hope, what your missions is.
Use the Shapelinks Way Of Life to develop that mission.
Your clock is running just as fast as everyone else's.
Please stop thinking you are an exception in life.
You are not.
You need water and air.
You need sea salt and good oil,
referring to oil that has not been heated.
These four, along with bulk and good bacteria,
are five of the simplest, most powerful secrets of life.
If you knew better, we are confident you would do better.
Until that moment arrives, give your attention to those who do.
Great masters and millionaires, great champions and billionaires.
Those who do it the best, know it the best, including elderly people.
Those who live the longest at their strongest? They are the horse's mouth.
Most everyone else is getting it, frankly, from the entirely wrong end of the horse.
Let today be YOUR Shapelinks Way Of Life today, wherein you light up the inner you.
You have excelled in rare moments of your life, and every one of them felt quite magnificent.
Use your Shapelinks Way Of Life to have such magnificent moments - every day you live and breathe!

That's what the Shapelinks Way Of Life is all about, at the end of the days and nights you fritter or invest.