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Only twenty percent of all offenders are sub-human scum, worthy of neither respect nor humane treatment. Getting tougher with this category of people will save the largest single portion of money that crime costs us, outside of corruption at the upper levels, which always and without exception represents the largest numerical portion of crime's cost. Since corruption is not about to disappear, this proposes to address the former issue.

Armed robbery, for example, is not the act of a starving man desperate to feed his children, because there are, like it or not, many ways to steal. To directly confornt a human to demand their rent or milk money against the threat of horrific injuries or even death is a slice of evil, moving deeply into the arena known by humans as criminality. Armed robbery is beyond the pale of explanation in virtually every case. Having idly wished for someone to try such behavior with me in order to deprive them permanently of any ability whatsoever to repeat the attempt on less-prepared people, there is an admitted frustration with a refusal of people to stand up and simply refuse to play prey.

People who are caught red-handed in the act of armed robbery should lose both of their hands. Revulsion should be tempered with the knowledge that, in jurisdictions which practice physical retribution, armed robbery and rape occur approximately once or less for every one hundred such evil acts in the U.S.

To add many hundreds of millions of dollars in annual savings, this attitude if not total physical approach can and needs to be quickly translated into prisons. At the most, twenty percent are incorrigible, and frankly not entitled by any standard to basic needs extended to a typical prisoner. "Typical" is a mathematically accurate description for at least eighty percent of all inmates, mostly very decent humans who made stupid or even selfish decisions. Evil? Not by a long shot, especially when compared with allegedly white-collar crimes which affect as many as a million victims for every one victim impacted by an offender's crime.

When the crime rises to the physical, and brutal, only swift and fair justice reliably suppresses the baser instincts of the majority of the population, the typical citizen. When the crime is considered "only" nonviolent, the failure of swift and fair justice empowers nonviolent criminals to impact society more profoundly than is likely to be soon overcome. Now that these crimes have reached up into the tens of billions, repeated each year after year, the damage and burdens thrust upon the next three or more generations is done. This now presents any and all parties interested in resolving our largest challenges with two choices in reformation, addressing nonviolent rape of a nation's assets, or addressing the violent sucking of resources on a large national basis occurring within the prison system.

By segregating the twenty percent in prison who are not likely to make any comeback to humanity in their comportment, instant savings of hundreds of millions of dollars is initiated. There's no doubt of this, because the other eighty percent are people who rise or lower to your expectations. That means the administrators of prisons who innovatively separate the eighty percent from the twenty percent should be immediately rewarded based on the huge sums that are immediately saved. Cable TV is like an expensive drug to keep people stupid and narcotized with broadcast pap. Investments such as education repay society hundreds of times for every dollar that goes into helping a human get back to humanity in his or her comportment. Otherwise, prison is merely a temporary holding place where offenders get to sharpen their criminality or sharpen their better instincts and skills. Too few taxpayers understand that a whopping seventy to eighty percent of inmates who get their high school degrees never return to prison. No less than ninety percent of prison inmates who get college degrees never get arrested again. Every study, literally each and every one, shows these people re-entering society more smoothly, obtaining licit employment, getting married, settling down, and going on to pay taxes for decades. Decades! Such studies have been consistent for ten decades in a row: helping people not only saves society from countless thousands of crimes, as well it saves more millions of dollars on a daily basis than any other single action available to humans or organizations.

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