The Shapelinks Way Of Life

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Do you remember how to play pretend?
Flexibility is a singular hallmark of brilliance.
Becoming so brilliant is choice, not circumstance.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life is your living brilliance.
Pursuing that brilliance is easier than learning alphabets.
Brilliance is a choice of flexibility.
It only requires that you play pretend as you once did.
Everything you think you know gets clearer this way.
Pretend that you fully embrace the opposite position.
In sixty seconds you rise above both sides to see.
Everything you ever learn gets clearer this way.
Your skill in producing a resolution doubles.
The number of your resolutions goes up.
Playing pretend pays in many ways.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life,
because you're well worth it.

Another unique feature of the Shapelinks Way Of Life is its wealth of PowerGems.
Among the secrets of success and developing your wealth are the little nuggets,
powerful nuggets of wisdom that are no less than universal in their utility,
small in size and yet no less than staggering in their scope and influence.
When you are trying to find money, find serious big money,
it is inevitably helpful to follow the ways of rich folks.
You see, rich people know where the money is.
They make sure those taps remain running.
So will you, when you learn how to ask.
Yes, asking more times is paramount,
as important as asking more people,
when you ask in the right places..
Do you follow this clearly? is a start.
So is

Such simple addresses, right out there in plain sight,
and yet they remain among the best-kept secrets,
where hundreds of billions go unclaimed,
because you did not know where to go.
Now you do: no more excuses, ok?
Follow the Shapelinks Way Of Life.
It's headed to better places & opportunities.
Whether it's regaining good health or developing wealth,
you have countless resources for them, immediately available.
Please stop making excuses for mediocrity, by asking better questions.
Asking better questions almost always produces more productive answers.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life asks how to develop wealth with the use of shortcuts,
while the Psychology of Longevity keeps asking for better ways to regain health naturally.

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