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Not To Count Your Blessings Or Anything...
If you wake up and your arms and legs are working fine, the Psychology of Longevity believes it is a good day.
That means more than you may realize. It means that a good day is a day in which you have your best tools.
You are surrounded by a wealth of resources aimed at helping you to help yourself, ina thousand ways.
The Psychology of Longevity is just one of so many thousands of thousands of helpful resources.
Do not allow today to be "just" another day; few things can be quite so foolhardy.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life means knowing what you want, when you want it by,
and who can help you achieve the ten or twenty smaller steps required by you..
Shortcuts simply means achieving what you already wanted... a bit faster.

The Shapelinks Way Of Life is living proof that excellence cannot be repeated accidentally,
since we already know and can see that there is no such things as accidental excellence.
If accidental excellence cannot happen in the first place,, do not wait for second place.
Always agree with whatever objection you are agreeing; it is a faster way to win.
Shapelinks Way Of Life is a state of mind; always there, and ready to help.

You cannot oil your skin and bones effectively from the outside. Did you know this? Do you act on this?
Skin is a backup filter system for the small intestine. When you have a skin challenge, your digestion is off.
You can only oil your skin and bones from the inside out, so learn to include more unheated oil in your diet.

Gems of the Psychology of Longevity, because you are loved.