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Shapelinks - A New Art Form,
The Godfather of EyeCandy shatters records again, this time with EyeCandy
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Reaching For More Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity

Reaching for more in one's life and endeavors is as natural as breathing. Each generation wants more for the next.
It has been this way for thousands and thousands of years, and now, in just a few generations, it begins to change.
More and more, the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity see evidence of a downward spiral of goals.
To a greater extent than ever observed before, parents are teaching children appreciation of money, rather than values.
When this takes place, the focus of an entire generation goes askew, and we are now into our fourth or fifth such generation.

This can be corrected, but only by you, whether through better parenting, or mere introspection into one's own values and mores.
Would you rather be known for what you possess, or for what you can do? Nothing speaks as loudly as your repeated daily actions.
Introspective examination of where we, as individuals are heading, can be as simple as documentating how we spend hours and days.
Being able to outrun adults who are thirty and forty years younger is a thrill that MisterShortcut describes as "substantively gratifying."

You do not need to turn your world upside down to get to better places.
Even dripping water will eventually wear out a thousand tons of solid stone.
Look at what you most love doing, and invest minutes per day improving at it.
The payoffs that accrue will thrill you more than money ever has, or could.
Act as if each day is your very last day, for one of these days, it will be.

Reaching for more is as natural as reaching for the hug of a mother, or sunshine.
While we do not always get what we want in life, we do tend to get what we expect.
Raise your expectations, and the Psychology of Shortcuts within you repays you.
Live BE your Psychology of Shortcuts, and see it.
See that the best of your days and years are still ahead, waiting for your action.