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More than 99% of all details and words, EyeCandy and BrainCandy,
all the PowerGems and Fibonacci's, with all the Shapetalk and Shapelinks,
of the millions of unique pages within all of these domains and 1000-plus subdomains,
were created by the hand of MrShortcut, Innumerable thanks to those who lead the way,
who more often than not turn out to be masters and millionaires, leaders and repeat winners.

Uncountable, immeasurable thanks to the generation-changing Mnsr Bernie Kellogg,
a champion among giants.

Thanks to the authors of the most recent 10,000 books I've read in the past 1,100 weeks, and my living teachers as well.
To Arthur "Artie" Marzigliano, no thanks could suffice.
Artie Marzig, the 20th century's greatest salesman.
To Howard Stern, King of All He Surveyed.
To those who choose to lives of service.
To the woman of women, my sweetie.
To you, in hope you accelerate!
To Paul Newman, feeder of man

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