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How could someone break or shatter so many world records and continue to avoid fame year after year? Not most importantly nor least, getting arrested for a variety of stupidities and/or greedy impulses, there were no headlines. When fighting to help save lives, there were no headlines. A wonderful balance. A billionaire's healthy, happy, powerful, wealthy son, named Dodi Fayed, and his girlfriend, a former English princess, learned one of the many sad lessons of celebrity by supposedly hitting a concrete wall at 100 MPH while trying to flee press photographers. If indeed that's how they died, one has to think of all the Nathan Hales and Joans of Arc and little children who have gieir lives for worthy and important causes, leading to a conclusion that fame has no worthwhile benefits.

The freedom to work has been so magnificent, and will continue to enjoy magnificence as long as fruit is borne.
      A tree that provides no benefit isn't much use, might as well burn it for firewood, hm?   The tree that bears fruit is continually cherished. h2 align=center title="Wealth and Health Via The Shapelinks Way Of Life and Psychology of Longevity ">Three Million Of My Best Minutes - no breaks - In Return For Just One Of Yours

For you to pick up a PowerGem today and get busy, for you to selfishly find something decent to do for someone else, that's the value and worth of living as I have, why, and wherefore. It's up to you, because you're being handed the ball quite directly. There's no middleman here; just us chickens, you and I. The best part of this whole adventure is that there is no one else present, and even in a roomful of people praising PowerGems for the augmentations of health and wealth each adherent of the Shapelinks Way Of Life has enjoyed, there can never be anyone between you and me; we are the most definable us outside of any relationship involving physical hugs, which, when frequently visited, provide the clearest truth of how any human feels about another. Since I'm articulate and handsome, athletically delicious and devoted to the happiness of gorgeous women, remembering that eighty percent of all females are gorgeous, the rest are just mean, we have to bank on your reliability. If a laughing and energetic human being is willing to invest or trade one thousand and more minutes per day, not pursuing fun and fulfillment of the aggrandizing or sensually satiating variety, pumping a solid one thousand supercharged minutes per day, every day for a thousand and now more thousands of days, can you justify, validate and celebrate these things by taking one and only one single better action today?

In other words, my three million best minutes in return for only one of yours. Please, tell me it's a good trade for you. Since the Shapelinks Way Of Life is, in more than just one auditory sense, a one-way communication, you can't tell me in words; you can only demonstrate it visually. Think of me as watching from Heaven, with audio interruptions due to the mass of electronic crap we all insist on using. I can't hear a word you say, but, thank Heavens there is visual witness. Your life is like a videotape, playing for the examination of posterity. If you believe that your departed loved ones are in Heaven, they're watching, too. So please, however you may disregard most of the wisdom of life, choose the best in this exactly recorded day and time. Identify what you believe or perceive to be correct or useful about or within The Shapelinks Way Of Life and then speak less, do more. In minutes or days, depending more upon how strong your desire or need is than upon external circmstances or extrinsically-generated events, you will see more and better results than you've ever seen up until now. These are the most fantastically wonderful and magical PowerGems of life - the most effective shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and the odd billionaire, who gives more than takes.

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The Shapelinks Way Of Life On Expertise
Like most humans, you are surrounded by experts,
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