The Shapelinks Way Of Life believes many of our top healers are found in the mirror

Examine The Methods Of Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC
Top healers in Oslo, top healers in Australia, or Paris or China, and top healers across the seas
become top healers for the simple reason that they help more people than the average doctor.
Is this debatable? They are top healers because they are on top of the list of physicians
who persistently help people to heal themselves naturally, with a bit of outside help.
There are some times when pharmaceuticals are indicated, and, rarer, surgery.
Counting them as top healers means noting they use drugs, surgery, LAST.
First come the natural approaches, the many known natural approaches,
that most consistently deliver satisfactory results most often, naturally.
Only lack of positive response pushes them to use drugs or surgery.

At the Shapelinks Way Of Life, we look to top healers,
to see what they are using to help people help themselves.
Use your Shapelinks Way Of Life to your fullest extent.
Dr. Cohen wants you to live longer & stronger.
Learn more so that you can live more, naturally.
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Top healers to your left, top healers to your right,
who do we turn to now?
Why are there so many top healers
all claiming that they know how?
Everyone's dying, thanks to so-called "top doctors,"
yet iatrogenia's getting worse, thanks to wheelers and dealers.
It makes no real sense, top healers all around, except dollars and cents run top healers aground.
Top healers are not often wealthy, you know, except in such ways that only sometimes show.
the fulfilling sweet pleasures of serving with grace, well, all of those dollars couldn't take their place.

Top healers are people who really care, Top healers use remedies they feel obligated to share,
never a drug unless quite needed, for Maimonides make it clear it was nature to be heeded.
Top healers teach us the gifts of the natural, as has always been intended,
Hygiene knew, too, despite parental dissension, top healers don't believe nature should be distended.
Pharmaceutical chemicals, nasty, impure, have hardly proven to provide much of a cure.
Top healers are not those with the unending itch, for neighbors to see them rich like a bitch.
No Benz and no villas for top healers at heart, there's a reason they loved that first medical chart.
Top healers are those who care for the poor, top healers serve heaven with natural cures.
Still we know, there are those who don't care, they silently cheat, just to travel everywhere.
Top healers are those wanting to make better, by following nature's cures, right to the letter.
They burn and they hurt over medical stealth; they yearn to exert towards Everyman's health,

Summarily, top healers here, there, and everywhere, top healers in every corner of the earth,
are those empowering practitioners who believe that our top healers are found in our mirrors.

Top healers in Oslo, top healers in Australia, or Paris or China, and top healers around the world...
there can hardly be much disagreement that these top healers are those using natural means and foods.

This Shapelinks Way Of Life page includes Shapetalk,
wherein MisterShortcut communicates mostly one line at a time,
making it infinitely easy for the simplest person to get smart quickly.
Never mind a hundred concepts that you are going to learn here, now.
Only concern yourself with one at a time, like the 12 basic facts of an ailment.
Shapetalk is logical, breaking concepts down into their simplest basic components.

Most everything you might want in life is right there, waiting for you.

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Improving by just one percent?
The results will astonish you,
the better results will please you,
and alter your experience of the world.

The Psychology of Longevity is the way of those who do,
living stronger for longer by keeping it natural, naturally.