Since life is already filled with twists and turns,
does it make sense to move aimlessly, without direction?
Mentors are among your greatest - and yet least-used resources.
Stop being stuck on your ego and reach out for their help.
We all accelerate our success when we are guided.
This does not mean surrendering your vision.
It means being led by those who do better.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life- help yourself

Succeeding Faster With The Shapelinks Way Of Life Past The WaveRings
Succeeding Faster with Mr_Shortcut

Succeeding faster is a pretty experience with WaveRings, The Shapelinks Way Of Life
EyeCandy waverings into success.
Developing your better potential by succeeding faster with shortcuts and WaveRings by Mr_Shortcut.

Electrify your life with the Shapelinks Way Of Life.

All the exciting dreams you had as a young child are waiting for you.
Many millions of poor people have become millionaires in your life.
Every week, millions double their income for the first time.
It is not your turn until you decide that it must be so.
No one is encouraging you to become a millionaire.
That's your choice. Waking up is why we're here.
Waking up to the realities of your true power.
You had it as a child, you'll have it again.
Start with nothing more than thinking;
thinking bigger than you have been.
Let's go for more, together.

Crafted and produced by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Whatever time you may use enjoying the WaveRings and Shapelinks and other EyeCandy creations,
you are reminded that the Shapelinks Way Of Life is here for the purpose of self-empowerment.
Practicing brain tricks of any variety is a smart and measured way of staying sharp.
If there are puzzles that you particularly like which provide mental stimulation,
you are wise to make sure you play these puzzles at least a few times per year.
Stretching muscles in your mind is NOT different from those in your body.
Just like a rubber band that goes faster when it's NOT being stretched,
just as the ships in drydock will rot faster than a ship out at sea,
and as an airplane will rust & rot faster if it is not flown often,
so does your brain rot and rust without adequate exercise.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life is all about and for your life,
because every human merits a cheerleader and coach.