You're embarking upon a most empowering journey,
the Shapelinks Way Of Life of those who do it best,
where you become the master, with Mr_Shortcut

Reach for the best in you, by starting today.
It only takes minutes to yield results from shortcuts.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may well exist without you.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life has greater expectations of you.
Asking more from yourself in any effort leads to higher expectations.
Higher expectation repeatedly leads to higher productivity.   Yes, for you, too.
   IF you believe in yourself and your potential just one-tenth as much as Mr-Shortcut does,
 you are already committed to making today more of a day worth living, and enjoying.
As time itself presses upon your intentions, delay must dissolve on this sun's horizon.
Ford said that you cannot build a reputation based on what you are GOING to do.
This day illuminates the upgrade from all your prior attentions to mediocrity.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life assures you of better results with shortcuts.
A date attached to a dream transmogrifies any dream into a goal.
Please stop pretending to know more than those who do more.
When winners dream with deadlines, life changes.
Each day has 1,440 opportunities for excellence.
Welcome to the Shapelinks Way Of Life,
where high-speed mastery is yours,
helping you to help yourself,
because you're worth it.

Shortcuts of Champions and Winners | Shapelinks Way Of Life - Wing-Raves Capital - Great Shortcuts

Shortcuts for winning at the Shapelinks Way Of Life require little more than repeated use while paying attention to what works.
One college art teacher claimed that there are no mistakes, only happy errors, at least when you are applying paint to canvas.
How easy can it be? Separate what you do right with what you are not doing right. In both cases, there are common factors.

When we do something right, and pay attention to what we did that caused it to be right, we know precisely what to repeat.
As simple as the concept and reality is, many of us "know too much" to take a step back and make use of this potent shortcut.

Best shortcuts of champions and masters.
Wing-Raves are an EyeCandy innovation of MisterShortcut,
crafted for your life, to help you to help yourself... and others.

The Shapelinks Way Of Life - - better place for better shortcuts

Yep. Largest source of great shortcuts anywhere in the world, offline OR online
Now that is, admittedly, quite a large claim. And yet, it's made and offered:
The Shapelinks Way Of Life does indeed appear to fit the bill,
constituting the world's largest source of great shortcuts,
in fact, the world's largest collection of great shortcuts,
and they're all here for your life, because of who you are.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life serves around the clock
and in your untapped potential. Largely untapped, that is, and it's time to tap it.
The moment you make the decision to leave mediocrity behind, you begin to feel it.
Act the way you want to be, and you shall become the way you act. Perfect truth here.
Of all the great PowerGems, this fits into the top three success shortcuts of all time.
If this one gorgeous axiom of life, a true and full-fledged PowerGem of excellence,
becomes your daily companion, you are going to be delighted in the coming days.
Yes, days, because that's all it takes to begin making enormous leaps forward.
If you knew better, you'd do better, so hush up and listen to those who do.
Masters and millionaires, leaders and role models, champions and achievers,
all of them understand the staggering power and value of acting the way you want to be.
If you're truly confused about how, just find someone you admire and duplicate their actions.
Do it over and over again and as you observe what works, your results increase dramatically.
Best of all, these better results come quickly, faster and faster with each round of repetitions.
You have stumbled your way into the greatest winning streak of your life.
If you knew better, you'd be doing it better. Start doing it better now.
Knowing where you are going makes a big difference in getting there.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life embraces your potential. Now go, do, be.

What you know means little in the face of what you do with what you know.
Stop counting days. Count 1,000 wasted minutes per day.

Only you determine the value of the Shapelinks Way Of Life in your life.
Effectively, you are the living version of the Shapelinks Way Of Life.
When we decide to make each minute better than the one before,
magical, near-mystically powerful results are assured to you.
You are promised better results when you use shortcuts.
You cannot trade ethics for time. Use clean shortcuts.

More Wing-Raves From Your Shapelinks Way Of Life

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You do not need to click ALL these buttons each day,
although the Shapelinks Way Of Life hopes you do.

Clicking at least one every day of your life means your impact on the world continues to grow and grow.
That you can do so at no charge makes it all the sweeter. Lives saved are lived saved, right?
Whoever thought we'd develop such passion for saving lives? Will you join the daily crew?
Save someone or something every day of your life, and find many payoffs coming back.
Newton's Third Law is a perfect law of life, and pays you very generously.
That's why it is a PowerGem of the Shapelinks Way Of Life.
Give more, friend, and you surely get back much more.

Help the Shapelinks Way Of Life to help TheHungerSite feed starving people - FREE!

You ARE an actual hero
Great sponsors buy 1.1 cups of staple food for starving people with free clicks to (no relation to us),
Clicking this food button and the one that pops open, you save a human life... no charge to you.
This is a prime function of the Shapelinks Way Of Life.   What goes up ...

Clickthrough Donations - Using Your Shapelinks Way Of Life
Sweeter yet, they are FREE clickthrough donations that you make

Do not underestimate the power of donations via free clickthroughs.
The effect on you alone is worth the clickthrough donation. It may yet transform you.
Every time you save a life with a free clickthrough, excellent vibrations abound.
Each time you save a resource with a free clickthrough, you save the planet.
Imagine how you're going to feel when you get to a thousand of each.
Even more giving, your free emails EACH create more donations.
Save lives, change the world with free clickthroughs daily.

Get more from yourself and the assets you have access to, and more so with the Shapelinks Way Of Life.

Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.

The Shapelinks Way Of Life on days.
This is the most powerful day of your life.
If you knew more about life, you'd do more about life.
Since you clearly do not, hush up and follow those who do.
You do not need to become clones of the masters and champions.
You only need to follow their words and actions and their attitudes.
As soon as you understand these, you can inject your own life's experience.
This is one of the greatest success shortcuts of all time, of your life.
Start today, identifying at least a few masters and champions.
Copy their attitudes, physical and verbal and emotional,
copy their words and their best repeated actions.
Add your own flavors into the mix and voila!
This works for you approximately always.
Shhhh. Less talk, a bit more action.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life,
the best of empowerment,
and free for your life.
Learn, earn, give.

Shapelinks Way Of Life
EyeCandy Wing-Raves Shapetalk

Wing-Raves reaching to Wing-Raves,
asseveration of poetry in a wingrave.
Standing alone,
grandstanding alone, more Wing-Raves.
As each climbs to flight, spinning its personal story,
newer Wing-Raves enter to spread the chiarascuro of color.
Move to the edge of Wing-Raves, there the scent of an agenda.
Wing-Raves following wing-raves, wisdom yields multiples of benefit.
Where do Wing-Raves presume to trammel the course of human history?
How do Wing-Raves asseverate that pleasure and education can turn the tide?
Glide into Wing-Raves, ride higher within Wing-Raves, more Wing-Raves into love.
The Shapelinks Way Of Life grows too as little and as greatly as do you.
Within a core of PowerGems in Wing-Raves and other EyeCandy, find it,
the next level of utility, every time you finally think you have them all.
Imagine getting three, four, five times as much utility from a secret.
You can and will, even in the sliver that you grasp this PowerGem.
Every piece of wisdom that exists has more than one level of utility.
Most everyone claims and pretends to understand this, yet few use it.
What you repeatedly do is what tells us what we need to know about you.
When you yield more results with each resource, we will know you grasp this.
Our hopeful future (and obituary) will be no more than what we repeat the most.
Wing-Raves bring you into the omnipresent state of solution-focus, resolution-focus.
When you find the second benefit, sometimes the third and beyond, benefits accrue.
Use these master secrets of the universe to move towards the state you actively seek.
This Shapelinks Way Of Life Shapetalk aims to help you to help yourself, naturally.