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HelpTips - Psychology of Longevity

HelpTip Poem Appropriate To Your Psychology of Longevity

HelpTips help us know to go,
to the best place which always proves to show,
that those who know, with the most casual throw,
will inevitably teach us all the fastest way to grow.

HelpTips ARE The Psychology of Longevity, however you perceive it.
HelpTips specifically seek to remind you that it's not about making time.
Every waking hour, you need a couple of ounces of water, and a bit more oxygen.
The water is easy enough, as long as you avoid soft plastic bottles with Bisphenol A.
The oxygen ought to be easy enough, which means expelling four times your normal amount.
When you think your lungs are empty, HelpTips show us that you still have a long way to go.
Keep pushing, because you are expelling filthy smoke and particles from many years ago.
You have hundreds of millions of sacs, and you can be sure you carry toxins with you.
Expel as much as you can at least once every waking hour that you get to breathe.
Out through the mouth, in through the nose, without hyperventilating yourself.
The third magical trick to add to more consistent water and more clean air,
the one that marries all three together, is the magic of good stretching.
No need for extremes. Just stretch your muscles every waking hour.
These three, used individually, are guaranteed to bring you benefit.
Used together in each waking hour, they will keep you youngest.
As with those role models who guided my way to where I am,
the people who live stronger for longer, who do it naturally.
I am still confused with the children of my schoolmates.
Laughter, orgasms, and the unmitigated joy of giving.
HelpTips are the juicy bits of wisdom from the best.
Those who do it best tend to know it best, right?
Rather against what the mediocre teach you,
those who can prove to be great teachers.
Each and every waking hour of your life...
More air, more water, more stretching,
never waiting for the next hour, right?
Only do this in an hour so important
that you want to get younger in it.
In all other hours, you age faster.

Maybe your believe that you know better.
Better, that is, than those who do it best.
That's what makes me brighter than you, consistently.
I am brilliant enough to shut my mouth in their presence.
I will imitate them a hundred times, and a thousand, if need be.
I will imitate the actions of masters until I repeatedly do it better.
The most magical sentence I have ever heard that qualifies as a HelpTip:
Dr. Emil Kuwae: "Each day, in every way, I'm getting better, better, and better."